Stronger Than Ever


I’m trying my best, to be the one I want to be

but everything just keep slipping away from me

and I can swear I’m trying harder and harder

but everything seems to be far from enough

Far from enough!


I’ll never lose the hope, to accomplish myself

I’d rather fall trying

Don’t be afraid of the chances you’ve got

You may lose something worth the risk

I give up!

Never let yourself

give up!


Your today will be tomorrow’s shame

if you keep it up this way

Those ships will never sails with you

Are you the reason of your unhappiness?

Focus on yourself  and you’ll reach far away shores

far away shores


All that matters is that you follow your way

don’t give a fuck of what the others may say


Don’t be ashamed of what you did before

the real thing is what you’re going to do now

Don’t be afraid of what you did before

every mistake will just help you stronger

will help you become stronger!



You’re now stronger, just the way you are

than everyone has ever, ever ever been before

Don’t be afraid of the chances you’ve got

you’re now stronger than ever, ever ever before!