Future Debts


Can’t go on this way!


Hopes thrown away

centuries of fierce struggles wasted away

Idealists are crying in their tombs

in the despair for they gave their lives for us,

for a better place to live in, for something that should make us proud!


we can’t just leave such a thing be

thinking of your own business won’t save you, not now

not for long will this be allowed

We have to face our own faults, it’s already too late!


Well think again, what do you think? What do you see?

scream it out loud! Our selfishness is a shame

that can’t last for long, it already has for way too much time

it’s time to change, let’s put to this an end to this

put an end to this


Let’s put an end to this

It’s too late to be redeemed

but we can try, try to improve ourselves

Let’s put an end to this!


There will be innocent sons of our mistakes

They will enjoy the heritage of our fate

Secret consequences of our choices

They will enjoy certain despair that we made


(We have to prepare) it’s already made the hell for sons of mistakes

There’s no freedom in a debt

In a future already written

Future is when you start to own it

to own it!


All we have are future debts,

all we have are future debts