I don’t deserve to live in a such perverse world

My fault is looking forward to a better future

I’ve drowned my eyes in darkness, for truth is dressed as pain

I’ve closed up my conscience so I don’t have to feel


The things I’ve seen today won’t let me sleep anymore

The things we did these years won’t happen tomorrow


Because I hope we will live better days

Because we’ve suffered together for too much time

Because tomorrow a new age is rising

We’ll have to conquer our freedom once again

Because tomorrow a new age is rising

We’ll have to conquer our freedom once again


Once again!


These years are craziness, I don’t know what to think

I don’t know the way I think, I don’t know who I am

I only know this, we’d better fight

We’ve divided us so well, we now fear each other


But they will not tear us apart, we will take our right revenges

We will fight until the end, until we crash the last of them

We, we fight a war until the death, because we want our future back


I can’t believe, I still fall in the snare

We try every day, to find a new start

We believe things are going to change

repeating the same behaviours for all our time


I can’t believe, we fail to realize

That nothing should part us, for we are all the same!



Divided si pone ancora una volta in contrasto con lo stato di cose del mondo attuale,
invitando a superare la confusione e lo sconforto che da questa situazione possono
generare e a combattere uniti per il diritto ad un futuro migliore, piuttosto che cadere
nelle trappole tese a dividerci e a metterci gli uni contro gli altri sprecando le nostre
energie a combatterci su falsi problemi credendo che questa sia la vera soluzione,
mentre i veri guai vanno peggiorando senza alcun argine.