Zero Fucks Given

This is the remake of an old demo, which was recorded in 2013 by “Zero Fucks Given“, the band previous project. Considering the changes occurred in the project itself, the band decided to realize a compilation of all the tracks produced during the years in the previous band before starting to relese new ZERO material. The album, called just like the old band, contains the 5 original tracks completely rerecorded and remixed by Tommaso CorrĂ  in the autumn of 2016.
In addition, three more songs were added: “The Payment“, released like a single after the original demo and recorded by Death Lab Studios (VR); “Seven“, the last song composed by the old band and recorded at Revolution Studios (Molvena) in 2016; “Intro”, a song never recorded before that was used as Intro in live sessions.

Read the lyrics here.

Zero Fucks Given” is available at:
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